Meat didn't cut it - both for our health and the planet

We knew excessive consumption of meat, even 'safer' options like chicken, posed problems for our health (cholesterol, anti-biotic resistance etc.). It also was a huge, unnecessary tax on our environment.

We wanted solutions from nature, not the lab

Highly processed protein powders, bars and plant-based meats didn’t quite cut it for us. We wanted minimally processed, whole food options that were suitable for sustained, long term use

Made even better

However, lentils are moderately high in carbohydrates. So we worked on a lower carb option with a chemical-free, mechanical process.

This process involves milling the lentils, and selectively using only the protein and fiber rich portions of the flour.

And packaged in an ultra-convenient format

Convenience, along with taste, was at the top of our priority list. So we worked on delivering these lentils as a delicious snack that is ready anytime, anywhere.