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Lentil Pops | 39g

Lentil Pops | 39g

A savoury, crispy, high-protein snack!

🌊🧂Comes in a delicious sea salt & turmeric flavour

🌱 100% natural and plant-based - perfect for sustained, long-term use

🌾 18g protein to fill you up and support muscle growth

⚖️ Just 128 calories, stay within your calorie limits effortlessly


3 packs | $4.60/pack

16 packs | $4.20/pack

32 packs | $3.90/pack

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  • Post-meal protein boost

    Can't find a calorie-controlled, high-protein meal? Get yourself a light meal and have our lentil pops on top for the protein, without busting your calorie limit

  • Filling, low-calorie snack

    Because of their high protein and fiber content, our lentil pops fill you up with little calories. Quell your mid-day hunger pangs with some crispy, delicious pops

  • Cheat-code for your protein goals

    Have an ambitious daily protein goal to hit? You can now do so without meal-prepping or relying on protein shakes. Just pack our lentil pops when you head out

Premium lentils made even better

We source for high-quality lentils directly from Canadian suppliers, and make them even better with a chemical-free mechanical process.

We mill them and use only the protein and fiber-rich portions of the flour. The result? A high-protein, high-fiber lentil base for our snacks.

Cooked the way you would at home

We lightly season the lentils with an all-natural spice blend and a sparing amount of salt. We then pressure cook them with water, and then bake them for a light, crispy finish.

Then thoroughly quality-checked

We lab test every single batch of the lentil pops for things that don't show up on the labels - like heavy metals and harmful microbes.

We also test for key nutritional values like calories and protein, so what we claim is exactly what you get.

  • No artificial flavours or extracts

  • No deep-frying or oil coating

  • Zero chemical processing

  • No preservatives

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You have questions, we have answers

Where are your lentils from?

The lentils we use are sourced from Canada.

Where are your lentil pops made?

Our lentils pops are made in Singapore.

How long does delivery take?

Orders from Singapore take 3-5 working days to be delivered.

Is there free shipping?

Shipping is free for orders at or above $64.

What do the lentil pops taste like?

They have a mild, nutty taste with a hint of spices. They're also light and crispy!

What is the shelf life of the product?

The shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacture. Expiry dates can be found at the back of the sachets.